Connecting to HubSpot

Learn how to connect your Mindstamp and HubSpot Accounts

Getting Started

Connecting your Mindstamp account to HubSpot is simple! In these quick steps we will walk you through how to connect your account and start leveraging the power of Mindstamp and HubSpot interactivity!

Connecting your Account

In Mindstamp, head on over to your account page.


Account Page

From your account page, select the Integrations tab and we can now begin connecting our account by selecting the "Connect HubSpot Account" button.


Connect HubSpot Account

From there, you will see your HubSpot sign-in page if you are not signed in. Go ahead and login as you normally would. You will then be greeted with a screen to select your HubSpot Account. You will see the name of the account and the details.


Choose Account

Once you have selected the account and pressed "Choose Account," you will be taken back to Mindstamp and you will see a confirmation message that you are connected to HubSpot.



You have successfully connect your Mindstamp account to HubSpot!

Reconnecting Your Account

If you ever need to reconnect to your HubSpot account, you can head back over to the integrations tab on your account page. From there you will see an option to Re-Connect to HubSpot. This will take you back through the steps listed above and you can reselect the HubSpot account in which you want to connect.


Re-Connect to Hubspot


Get in Touch

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