What is HubSpot?

HubSpot is a powerful platform for contact management, marketing automation, inbound marketing and more. Interactive video can dramatically enhance HubSpot marketing campaigns by deeply engaging viewers and driving action and next steps.

Mindstamp connects directly to your HubSpot CRM platform, allowing you to track, trigger and augment your existing CRM, contact management, marketing processes, and workflows with the power of interactive video.

What can Mindstamp's HubSpot integration do?

If you’re a HubSpot user, you know how powerful it is to see exactly how your viewers have interacted with your marketing content in the simple Activity Feed view for a contact. With one click, you can see what Ad brought them to your website, which emails they opened, and if they clicked around on your landing pages.

Mindstamp takes the power of HubSpot to the next level by fully integrating viewer events from your Interactive Videos into the HubSpot Activity Feed. With a single click you can connect your HubSpot account to Mindstamp to send view, viewer, interaction, and question responses directly to HubSpot.

Mindstamp can map specific interactive elements or events to custom HubSpot properties to update Contact or Company records with values captured or behavior completed by your interactive video viewers. Additionally, you can update your static lists with the viewers of specific videos.

Lastly, Mindstamp can integrate its interactive videos directly into your HubSpot landing pages, and those videos can leverage any data you know about your contacts into your interactive videos for personalization. For instance, if you know when your contacts last purchased from your business, you can use that in Mindstamp interactive elements, including buttons, labels, images and questions.

What are some examples?

  • Personalize your Content: Directly integrate Mindstamp interactive videos in your HubSpot landing pages and personalize those videos with any data you know about the Contact or Company of the viewer.
  • Sync Activity to HubSpot: Based on how your viewers interact with your Mindstamp videos, directly track all views, clicks and questions as HubSpot activities associated with your contacts.
  • Create Dynamic Lists: Use HubSpot dynamic list enrollment in HubSpot to trigger marketing automations and campaigns based on viewer interactions.
  • Automate Marketing: Integrate data from the Mindstamp video, such as what the viewer clicked on or how they responded to questions, to dynamically change subsequent marketing communications including email content or follow-on interactive videos.
  • Create and Update Contacts: Create new contacts in HubSpot based on Mindstamp’s lead and viewer info capture functionality, including name, email and phone number.
  • Assign Tasks: Assign tasks to sales team members to follow-up with deeply engaged or high interest / high value viewers based on their engagement with your interactive videos.
  • Qualify Leads: Integrate Mindstamp interactive video actions or responses into your HubSpot lead scoring to identify and prioritize marketing qualified leads (MQLs) and sales qualified leads (SQLs).
  • Measure Success: Track the success and issues with account or customer onboarding activity through product demonstrations or self-guided interactive video tutorials.
  • Create Custom Reports: Create custom HubSpot dashboards and reports based on Mindstamp view and interaction data.
  • Update Explicit Fields: Directly associate Mindstamp question responses with existing HubSpot Contact custom properties.
  • Update Contact Lists: Update specific static HubSpot lists with your viewers on a per video basis.


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