Step 1a: Custom Viewer Object


This page servers as an alternative to capturing the Mindstamp webhook information as a Contact or a Lead but as a Custom Viewer Object.

Typically Custom Viewer Objects will be used if the current Salesforce Lead or Contanct do not suffice for the information that you are trying to capture. This is atypical, but incase needed, below are the steps to create a new custom object and how to link it to the Mindstamp Webhooks.

Create a Custom Viewer Object

Navigate to the Object Manager but clicking the gear in the top right of your Salesforce page and select 'Setup'.



From the Setup page, select the Object Manager and hover over the Create drop down and select 'Custom Object'.


Create a Custom Object

From the New Custom Object page, enter a label and plural label. These can be anything that you want, for this example, we will use 'Client Viewer'.

At the bottom of the page, select a check next to 'Launch New Custom Tab Wizard after saving this custom object'.

Press 'Save' once complete.


Create Custom Object

After you hit save, you will be taken to a tab to create a tab. This will allow for easier access to your custom object from your Sales page.

NOTE: If you skip this step, you will not be able to create the tab later.

On step 1, select any tab style you wish and you can next through the remaining steps leaving the default options as is. Hit 'Save' at the end of step 3.


Custom Object Tab

Once our Custom Object has been created, we need to create a relationship between the Mindstamp ID from the webhooks to the Client Viewer Object ID.


Create Relationship

On step 1 of the New Custom Field, select 'Text' then 'Next'.


Text Field

On Step 2, enter the Field Label (the Field Name will autopopulate) and the Length of 255.


Input Field Name

On Step 3, select next without making any changes.
On Step 4, select save without making any changes.

You should now see the new Client ID field.


Fields & Relationships

Map the Customer Viewer Object to the Mindstamp View and Interaction Objects

Next, we need to map the Salesforce View and Interaction object from the Mindstamp package to our custom object.

Going back to the Object Manager, input 'View' into the search box and select the 'View' label with ms2sf__View__c as the API name.


Find View Object

From the View object page, select 'Fields & Relationships' and select 'New'.


Create New Field

Since we are mapping the Custome Viewer Object (Client Viewer) to the Mindstamp Viewer, we will need to do a lookup relationship in step 1.


Lookup Relationship

For step 2, select Client Viewer in the Related To drop down.


Related To Dropdown

For steps 3-6, leave everything as default and click save.

Repeat this section for the Interaction object instead of View.


We can now go back to the Mindstamp Configuration page and fill out the following fields:


Mindstamp Configuration

Contact Identifier Field API Namenone
Lead Identifier Field API Namenone
Custom Viewer Objectclient_viewer__c
Custom Viewer Identifier Field API Nameclient_id__c
Custom Viewer Reference on Viewclient_viewer__c
Custom Vieer Reference on Interactionclient_viewer__c

Mindstamp Configuration with Custom Object


Get in Touch

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