Viewer Interaction Events

Track your viewers interaction activity

When a viewer completes an interaction within your video, we emit a message describing the interaction.

The structure of a viewer interaction event is as follows:

event: {
  data: {
    event: "viewer_interaction",
    version: 1, // Version of the player events, similar to API version,
    info: {
      title: "The Video Title",
      currentTime: 2, // Time in video occurred at
      token: 'reoCjremf', // Unique identifier for a video
      data: {
        interaction_id: 'xxxxx' // Unique identifier of interaction
        interaction_type: 'click', // Click or reply
        interaction_value: 'Buy now' // Value of interaction
        parent_id: 'zzzzz' // Unique identifier of parent interaction
        parent_type: 'button' // Type of parent interaction (button, hotspot, question, etc)
        parent_value: 'Buy now'// Value of parent interaction. Question prompt, button label, etc.
        question_style: null, // If parent was question, this contiains the type,
        has_correct_answer: null, // If parent was question, indicates whether correctness was set
        answered_correctly: null // If parent was question and correctness was set, indicates whether viewer answered correctly
        internal_label: null // If parent had a unique JS identifier internal label for tracking
  • Available values for interaction_value are 'click' and 'reply'.
    • A free response question will have a value of 'reply'.
    • All other interactions will have a type of 'click'.
  • Available values for parent_type are 'button', 'question', 'image', 'text', 'hotspot'.
  • Available values for question_style are 'free', 'multiple', 'all', 'number', 'poll', 'likert', 'select', 'rating', 'voice', 'video', 'date', 'draw' .


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