Updating HubSpot Lists

Learn how to send viewers from Mindstamp to specific HubSpot lists

Creating Static HubSpot Lists

To create a list, we can head over to HubSpot and click on "Lists" under the "Contacts" dropdown.


HubSpot Lists

From there, we can select "Create List."


Create List

On the next page, select "Contact-based," "Static List," and give your list a name. Once done, select "Next"


Name your Static List



Active Lists can not be managed through Mindstamp's List capabilities. However, you can set the properties of your contacts by following this guide. This way you can manage active lists through Mindstamp by using contact properties.

Lastly, select "Save List."


Save New List

Once your list is saved, you might need to refresh your Static HubSpot Lists if you have already connected your Mindstamp account to HubSpot.

Updating Static HubSpot Lists

In order to enable sending your viewers to your static HubSpot lists, you must first check the box next to "Send Viewers to your Static HubSpot Lists." From there, you can select the lists that your views should be added to and those in which your viewer should be removed from. For our example, I will select "Example List 1" for the list my viewers should be added to, and "Example List 2" for the list my viewers should be remove from.


Configuring Lists

When sending viewers to your static HubSpot lists is enabled, your videos can add and remove viewers from specific lists once they have viewed the video. As mentioned above with Sending Events to HubSpot, you will need to capture the viewers email at a minimum in order for HubSpot to locate or create a contact to add to or remove from a list.


Viewer Info Capture

That's all that is required to update your static HubSpot lists. Now let's test this to make sure it's working properly.

Testing Configuration

To test that your lists are being updated properly, go ahead and follow the steps 1-4 listed here to start viewing your video.

Once your video is playing, you should be greeted with the viewer information capture. Here, I will input the following


Viewer Info capture

Once I select "Keep Going!" I will let the video play a little. Then after a couple of minutes, we can head over to HubSpot to check our lists.


HubSpot Lists

On this page, I will see my two HubSpot lists, Example List 1 and Example List 2.


HubSpot Lists

If we go into the lists (prior to the view), we can see that [email protected] is in Example List 2 but not in Example List 1.


Before - Example List 1


Before - Example List 2

Now we can go into Example List 1 and we will see the contact that viewed the HubSpot Demo video.


Results - Example List 1

Then in Example List 2, we will see that [email protected] is no longer in the list.


Results - Example List 2

There we have it! [email protected] was added to Example List 1 and removed from Example List 2.

Refreshing HubSpot Lists

If you are trying to update the lists that you would like to update and you do not see one of your HubSpot lists in the drop downs, it is important to update your lists in Mindstamp. You can do this from the individual video's integration tab, your account integration tab, or the integrations portion of your bulk video settings.


Refresh Static HubSpot Lists - Video


Refresh Static HubSpot Lists - Account


Refresh Static HubSpot Lists - Video Settings


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